One of Radio 4’s new comedy panel shows You Heard It Here First is hosted by comedian Chris McCausland. Chris, for those who haven’t encountered him is a blind comedian, and in this he asks a panel of comedians to live in an audio-only world, deciphering brainteaser sound cues for points and pride whilst trying not to muck about too much along the way.

It’s a really interesting idea for a show and being about sounds means that radio feels like the perfect medium. Chris is a personable host and keeps the panel under control, which is no easy task when the panels include some well known comedians such as Alan Davies, Lee Mack, Suzi Ruffell and Phil Wang.

Lots of fun and it showcases that sometimes you know sounds from their context and when you hear sounds in a different places then it makes it very difficult to tell. One of the rounds involves telling someone’s ages from their voice, which isn’t too easy – I’d be interested to know if Chris found that any easier than the panel.


The series is still available on BBC Sounds and if you enjoy something a bit silly that you can play along with without needing a lot of general knowledge this could be for you!

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